Thursday, October 8, 2009

Vegan MoFo: Day 8

Today is October 8, the eighth day of Vegan MoFo.  Tonight, I am making a homemade Vegetable Lasagna.  This will be my first time ever making a lasagna.  I decided to get those oven-ready noodles.  You don't have to boil them, which relieves me.  I was a little nervous about boiling lasagna noodles- I was afraid they were going to rip.  Anyways, it isn't dinner-time yet, therefore the picture and recipe will be posted once it's made :)  I'm just giving everyone a heads-up!  I have also gotten enough veggie stuff to be able to particpate in Vegan MoFo for the next week or so...  Y'all will be hearing from me around 8ish.  Look out for me!


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