Friday, September 25, 2009

disrespectful and offensive.

Last night, I was hanging out with my friend and her boyfriend. We were talking, and I told her about my diet changes to vegetarianism. She tried to be vegetarian for a week, and was unsuccessful. Some people think you HAVE to eat meat to survive, but it really is not the case whatsoever. So, her boyfriend knew that I'm vegetarian, too. He started talking about how good a steak would be, and how he really wanted some venison. It started to offend me. What's weird, is when I ate meat, I would've been like, "Hell yeah, that sounds awesome". But, last night... it just disgusted me. I politely asked them to change the subject because my stomach was beginning to turn. They didn't. A few minutes later, I began to get a little angry; mainly because these people that were supposedly my "friends" couldn't respect my morals. I chimed in and said, "Yeah, some stir-fry veggies and tofu over some rice WOULD be amazing, wouldn't it?!" When I said that, they bothed LAUGHED at me. I was SO offended; it was ridiculous.

If you're a vegetarian/vegan, I know that you've been through the same experience, and there is nothing in the world like this feeling. The feeling that your own "friends" don't respect your beliefs, when you're expected to respect theirs. In my eyes, that is unfair, and offensive. If people in the world don't want to eat meat, omnivores should respect their decision, just as vegs respect omnis' decision to EAT meat. It works both ways. Seriously, people.

I get so frustrated with some people sometimes. I guess they thought I was trying to convert them to vegetarianism. Sure, it'd be nice if more people steered away from meat, but that's not my goal. All I ask for is open-mindedness and respect. That's it. Is that SO hard to give to someone? I think not. If I can be open-minded to new things, so can others. Just like, if I can be vegetarian, so can everyone else.

Take care!

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