Thursday, September 24, 2009


I was so pleased with my vegetarian dish tonight: vegetarian enchiladas with rice. It was SO good! I got the original recipe from my boyfriend's mom. She's not vegetarian, but it's a vegetarian dish. I put a slight twist on it, though. It was absolutely amazing. I'm so pleased. I think the best vegetarian dish that I've ever made is my eggplant parmesan. Now, that is one amazing dish. No, it's not vegan, but it IS vegetarian... and quite delicious at that.

To my surprise, the grocery store actually has more vegetarian/vegan-friendly food than I thought. It's funny- before you're vegetarian, you never realize how many foods acutally don't contain meat products and byproducts. I'm starting off as a vegetarian, and then I plan to convert to veganism.

Like I said, I never ate THAT much meat when I was an omnivore. Therefore, that's how I knew that I could do this transition. I've got my sister ADDICTED to chocolate soy milk. To me, that's an accomplishment... mainly because she loved cow milk more than anything. Same thing with my boyfriend. He literally told me today that soy milk was better than cow milk! Go vegan!

Tomorrow is International Hug-A-Vegetarian Day! So, make sure your veg friend gets their love!

God bless.

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